Friday, January 23, 2015


The war machine unleashed seventeen distinct Vinlandic assaults upon convention last year...and the armory never sleeps. Here are just a few displays of might in store for MMXV:

OSTARA - Paradise Down South [Pagan neofolk/folk pop]
ORDER OF THE WHITE HAND - Korpimaa [Proud Nationalist BM]
SOL EVIL - Lux Diaboli [Superior Satanic BM]
HELCARAXĂ‹/DUMAL - Raise The Hammer [Heathen Death Metal / War Hymn BM split]
OF BLOOD AND OAK/PLANTATION - Urban War/An Olive Branch Is Proffered...Then Cast Down [Harsh Noise / Militant Power Electronics split]
PLAGUE CZAR - Plague Czar [Ritual Ambient/Noise]
SOCRATES WOUNDED - TBA compilation [Obscure 90s Neofolk]
BACCHANAL - V.O.T.A.N. [Deathwave]
BACCHANAL - Antilight [Deathwave]
VP Split #2 (featuring exclusive tracks from SWALLOWING BILE, BACCHANAL, DUMAL, HNIKARR, REPUBLIK AWAKE, and others...)