Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Release Announcement

EQUINOX: Of Blade and Graal
Equal parts melody and aggression, doom and fury, fertile nature and searing hell. Equinox aptly describes their music as "dark metal" due to the infusion of neofolk and drone influences along with the backbone of raw black metal might.
VP02 - 100 copies on professionally dubbed cassette.

Traditional black metal from a single individual to praise the Word of Satan. Well crafted and executed with a precision not usually found in the solo project format, WAR is a monument to the black arts, a testament to the perseverance of blasphemy in a world of light.
VP04 - 100 copies on professionally dubbed cassette.

BACCHANAL: The Shells of Yggdrasil
The first foray beyond black metal in the VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS release catalog comes in the form of BACCHANAL, a Vinland project that delves into EBM, Martial Industrial, and Dark Ambient. Swirling dissonance, infectious rhythms, and occult ritual structures combine to form a journey into indulgence and power. Highly recommended, BACCHANAL is poised to achieve greatness among their contemporaries.
VP05 - cassette

SOLARTHRONE: The Light We Follow
The other non-black metal release in this dispatch will undoubtedly appeal to many fans of the genre. SOLARTHRONE is neofolk strongly influenced by the likes of DEATH IN JUNE, NON, and BLOOD AXIS. Lush keyboard soundscapes, solar acoustic folk rhythms, martial percussion, and reverb-drenched narrations toward visions of pride and honour.
VP06 - cassette

Raw heathen black metal that conjures forth visions of fog and nightforests. Mysterious and relentless. Highly recommended for fans of Blazebirth Hall.
VP07 - cassette


INTOLERANT tee shirts available soon in the first installment of VP merchandise. Contact for sizes, quantities will be extremely limited.

These releases are expected sometime in the next month. As always, wholesale will be available - contact for all ordering.

In other news, INTOLERANT's Snow Stained With the Blood of Traitors will be remastered and re-released for CD format by Prison Tatt Records. An exclusive song will be added to this edition.  More news on that here: