Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Distro Update

New distro items from Paragon Records (US) and Wolfspell Rex (Poland) are now available.

ELDERBLOOD - Son of the Morning
HIRILORN - Legends of Evil and Eternal Death
LEK - The Solitary Elect of Darkness
WOLF OMEGA - Cult of the Purple Sun

PANYCHIDA - Grief for an Idol
ELDERBLOOD - Son of the Morning

INTOLERANT's compilation cassette is now sold out through VP, though it is still available from other distros. Digipak CD copies are now available and should be for some time - now in distro or from Prison Tatt Records.

Friday, June 6, 2014


All to-date orders and trades have been processed. As the Vanguard advances so too do new developments...

Thestral's first full length in nearly two decades of existence is one that is sure to captivate those seeking more from a Vinlandic black metal release then what passes for exemplary nowadays. Esoteric Pagan Black Metal for fans of Abyssic Hate, Judas Iscariot, and Funeral (FR). 300 copies on professional tape, first 50 include a patch created for this edition only.

VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS will be in attendance to vend with ally PRISON TATT RECORDS for Martyrdoom Fest's pre-show market in New York (June 28th-29th, Saturday-Sunday). All available releases as well as selected distro items will be on hand.