Tuesday, January 27, 2015


VANGUARD is proud to be able to introduce PLANTATION to the world. Harsh audio terror native to Vinland with a focus on contemporary society and a sharply militant aesthetic. VP27 They Saw It Gleaming There CS is available now (dual sided black cassette with xerox covers):

PLANTATION has two more releases coming soon:

OF BLOOD AND OAK / PLANTATION: Urban War / An Olive Branch Is Proffered...Then Cast Down
Split CS. ~20 mins each side.


Collaboration cassette, featuring 3 tracks ~17 mins. EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT laid the base noise tracks and PLANTATION provided vocals and additional noise layers. Pro CS limited to 100 copies.


Friday, January 23, 2015


The war machine unleashed seventeen distinct Vinlandic assaults upon convention last year...and the armory never sleeps. Here are just a few displays of might in store for MMXV:

OSTARA - Paradise Down South [Pagan neofolk/folk pop]
ORDER OF THE WHITE HAND - Korpimaa [Proud Nationalist BM]
SOL EVIL - Lux Diaboli [Superior Satanic BM]
HELCARAXĂ‹/DUMAL - Raise The Hammer [Heathen Death Metal / War Hymn BM split]
OF BLOOD AND OAK/PLANTATION - Urban War/An Olive Branch Is Proffered...Then Cast Down [Harsh Noise / Militant Power Electronics split]
PLAGUE CZAR - Plague Czar [Ritual Ambient/Noise]
SOCRATES WOUNDED - TBA compilation [Obscure 90s Neofolk]
BACCHANAL - V.O.T.A.N. [Deathwave]
BACCHANAL - Antilight [Deathwave]
VP Split #2 (featuring exclusive tracks from SWALLOWING BILE, BACCHANAL, DUMAL, HNIKARR, REPUBLIK AWAKE, and others...)